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Ley Lines Studios

35 - 39 Greenland St
Liverpool  L1 0BS
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With the aim of strengthening, supporting and championing grassroots creativity in Liverpool, Constellations are incredibly proud to support the Ley Lines Studios. A shared, multi-purpose art-space, Ley Lines is home to a collection of 12 resident artists with a dedicated workshop space suitable for groups up to 30 people.

Ley Lines is a resource for artists and design-makers. The studio provides affordable access to workshop space and art equipment, often hard to locate elsewhere. It has been built to enable small businesses to grow and provide skills exchange. 

The tenants have all been carefully selected and can provide bespoke artwork, workshops, event photography, set-design and exhibition support for customers. To find out how Ley Lines Studio can help you with your event, please let us know and we will put you in touch with our studio managers.

My hope with Constellations is to provide a supportive environment where creative things can happen. The vision has always been to include a working studio space for artists, practitioners and solo entrepreneurs within the Constellations footprint.

Rebecca Pope (March 2017)

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