The five points are as follows:

Reform Business Rates for Grassroots Music Venues so that the burden of an unfair and unjust taxation system is removed

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Create additional funding opportunities for Grassroots Music Venues that directly support their infrastructure and their ability to provide high quality facilities to artists and local communities

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Establish a Culture and Heritage Tax Relief so that the underlying long-term issue of ownership of Grassroots Music Venues can be tackled

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Expand existing Research and Development Tax Relief to specifically include development of new talent

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Establish a Statutory Right of Consultation on planning and development so that Grassroots Music Venues enjoy the same protections as Theatres


Grassroots Music Venues are essential to the sustainability and longevity of the UK Music Industry, an industry that contributed £4.5 billion to the UK Economy in 2018. Between 2007 and 2015, 35% of independent, grassroots venues closed. If closures continue at this rate, it will be devastating to the industry at all levels, meaning that now is the time for politicians and music lovers to take action.

Be sure to register to vote to partake in the General Election on 12 December. The future is in our hands!