The Sweet Chilli Band

The Sweet Chilli Band are a 3-piece based in Liverpool who play sweet melodic reggae, fiery funk and original covers.

Come down to Live Music Thursdays this week, 7 November, to see The Sweet Chilli Band in action.

Sweet Chilli

Molly Green

Currently studying Music at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Molly is pursuing her dream of becoming a performing singer-songwriter. Her jazzy, soulful undertones combined with a love for RnB makes for an interesting style, unusual to other singer-songwriters of her age. When asked about her reasons for making music, Molly said, "My aim is to make my audience feel what I am feeling, transporting them to the body of the composer, to another world, another mind frame, another time. I think this is when music is most powerful, therefore I believe that it is my job to make that happen."

You can catch Molly performing with Rubber Dub on the 14th of November.

Molly Green 1

Sallow Pillow

Spawned in Liverpool, Sallow Pillow combine raw, garage punk with a heavy dose of pysch rock. They throw their considered chaos at their audiences and create more noise than possible for a 3-piece psych-garage outfit. Whilst capable of producing inviting, high-energy grunge, the band have started their journey into the darker, heavier realm of their music.

LMT will be opened up by Sallow Pillow on the 21st of November.

Sallow Pillow

Samurai Kip

Samurai Kip are a four-piece jazz, funk, and soul inspired band based in Liverpool. Now playing regularly around the city, Samurai Kip are now beginning to get into their stride, with a constant stream of new material pouring out of their melty, soup-like brains.

Samurai Kip will be joining us for Live Music Thursday on the 28th of November.

Samurai Kip

Stay tuned for the lineup of December guests!