You’ve been in the catering business for quite some time, correct? What inspired you to move from catering to You’ve Pulled?

Yes, my dad has been a chef for nearly 40 years and I have worked in and managed bars and restaurants for 14 years myself, with so much experience we finally decided to bite the bullet and come together to create our own concept.

What are the greatest challenges and greatest rewards that come with working as a family?

The greatest challenge would be that sometimes you forget you’re in a working environment, we can sometimes wind each other up and also take some things personal, we forget what it would be like if we were just work colleagues. And the greatest reward would be I feel blessed to say that I get to work with my dad everyday, having precious bonding time and it means so much to us both, we both have each others backs too!

What is your favourite item on your menu?

I love the Yorkshire pudding wraps, off our actual main menu elsewhere it would have to be the You’ve Pulled loaded fries with Mexican pulled chicken!

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What is your favourite pudding to dive into after a Sunday roast?

A sticky toffee pud!

Imagine that we asked you to trade places with the DJ at Roast & Records one week. What tunes would we hear?

A bit of early 2000’s RnB, Neyo/Usher/Alicia Keys.

In addition to our Roast and Records event, where can people find your delicious food?

At the moment we are not based anywhere else, but we are actively looking for premises or stall opening. However, we do a lot of outside catering for parties, christenings, etc.

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