From the beginning, how did Rubber Dub form?

Thinking back 5 years ago, it was during school, and we were around 15. I'd recently become good friends with our guitarist Matt through my previous bandmates who went to a different school to me. I wanted to begin playing guitar and start my own band with Matt, who had had already started jamming with our drummer Jack. Once I met Jack (in Lime St Station, I can remember) I knew instantly he was a perfect fit for our drummer - he hadn’t been drumming for long but had the right attitude. We formed a four-piece garage-rock/punk outfit called Spare Room, and proceeded to sell-out the first year of our shows, with a ticket reach to four different schools in Merseyside. We’d be shifting up to 50 tickets a day on the school yard at lunch, and it rapidly became the local night out for our age group. We eventually were banned from most big venues in town due to being ‘too rowdy’, so we had to tone it down a bit. Rubber Dub was technically born out of being forced into the underground...

What impact do you think the band has had on Liverpool’s live music scene?

It’s hard to pinpoint what specific Liverpool scene is the definitive one, but we’ve always been somewhat the outliers anyway. We made our mark initially a good few years ago now with the ironically named version of ourselves 'The Isrights’. Around this time we started releasing independently via Xjukebox Records, and playing alongside the more psychedelic/indie names of the scene - such as The Floormen, Jo Mary, The Tea Street Band etc. however, we still felt like outliers of the Liverpool scene as our musical interests and direction seemed to differ a lot from the status quo, so at first it was hard to find our tribe. But now, coming into contact with the underground reggae and bass music scene of Liverpool, meeting event promoters such as Positive Vibration and RumRiddimzRun, and venues such as 24 Kitchen St, we’ve found ourselves at the forefront of a new scene for Liverpool, pushing music the city hasn’t classically been known for before, whilst maintaining acknowledgement and respect for it’s culturally rich history - we’re all massive Beatles-heads in essence.

What sets you apart from other bands in Liverpool?

Naturally, we don’t want to sound similar to anyone else in the same small bubble, but I guess other than our performances on-stage as a band, there aren’t really many bands doing what we’re doing in terms of promoting our own events (Xjukebox and Keep It Cryptic) in which we can plug into a lineup around names we are into, and building a wider community with many different genres, subcultures and ideas, united under a need for a new scene. We really want to push the barriers on what a band can be, bringing in MCs and beatboxers, trying out strange sounding guitars, adding dub FX to the whole mix etc.

Do you all have a similar taste in music or are there any conflicting genres amongst the group, has that helped you define your style?

It’s easy to assume by the name that we are mainly dub and reggae oriented, but we love to branch out our live sound into our other influences such as funk, punk, hip-hop, jazz, psychedelia... Me and our drummer Jack are really into our electro, breaks, techno and house at the minute, whereas our guitarist Matt is more lenient towards drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep. Keyboardist Andy is massively into his jazz, bass-man Jamie and Motormouf grew up on hip-hop, and Troy definitely brings us back to base level with pure Jamaican roots reggae. Our influences are from all over the place, but it’s safe to say regardless of musical taste - if it’s a good tune, it’s a good tune.

Who are your musical idols/inspiration?

Again, hard to pinpoint - but most of us were brought up on The Beatles, those guys led the way and don’t just mean a lot to us because of our geography, I think for any band knowing the story of The Beatles is essential. I guess we all have our own inspirations, but more recently we’ve been looking up to the more cutting edge modern musicians tearing it up at the minute - Kendrick Lamar, Sampa The Great, Tame Impala, King Gizz, to name a few, but with all due respect to the originators - Stevie Wonder, James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest, Portishead, Marley, Bowie, the list goes on...

Tell us about some of the artists that will be joining you each week?

We’re looking forward sharing the stage with our good friends, in the forms of hip-hop collectives such as Nu Tribe, Motormouf, Senci, Saint, Remy Jude, and even jazz-oriented jams with Samurai Kip, as well as incorporating DJs into the jams.

What can we expect from your weekly residency at Live Music Thursdays at Constellations?

Easy grooves, dance moves, spontaneity, smiles - come get involved, whether you know you’re a musician yet or not!

We look forward to watching RubberDub do their thing every Thursday evening from 19:00 onwards.