This Thursday evening, a new multi-media exhibition will launch in our Café space.

Commercial Consumption is an exhibition featuring the work of four contemporary artists: Marie Collier, Mark Doherty, Charlie Langdale and Katie Mannifield. Through fine art and graphic design, the exhibition explores ideas of how the commercial sector generates an ongoing need to consume. The endless pressure to consume begins to alter aspirations and can re-shape expectations of normality.

Abigail Kearns, the curator of the exhibition, says, "There is a dark undertone that is connecting individuals globally – via commercial platforms. These same platforms set out to gain our trust, in actual fact they’re driving society apart. Which begins with the manipulation of one to another and so on. Moreover, we’re all responsible for our own consumption's, the question is what do we do with that responsibility?...The escapism of commercial consumption is one I am yet to discover. Is it time to break the cycle in being part of an industry that constantly consumes our waking life."

Commercial Consumption will be on display at Constellations from 26 September to 13 October. Join us at the Launch Party from 7:30pm-10pm!