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The first ever Art of Dffrnce takes place on Thursday 12th April, what’s the concept behind the event?

As many bands and artists as there are in Liverpool, I’ve always felt that the soul spectrum (soul, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz-fusion) was heavily underrepresented. I really wanted to contribute to that part of the Liverpool music scene, and this was a great opportunity to do so.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you've invited along for this first event, what’s their vibe?

For the first night it’ll be myself performing, alongside SPXKEN, a spoken word artist. Very creative guy, should be a vibe.  After which, it’ll be a free-for-all jam session which I’m looking forward to.

How do these artists tie into your own music, do you take inspiration from them, are you looking to collaborate with them?

Not everything has to be about me – SPXKEN is a great artist, definitely deserving of a platform; I don’t know of many other artists in Liverpool who go out of their way to be so distinctly different. It’s always good to see someone make music with meaning every now and then, too.

What have you been up to lately? We see you’ve been touring with Paloma Faith, how has that experience been, what have you learnt?

The tour was a great learning experience – Paloma really knows her audience and it was so interesting to see that connection first-hand. A lot of bucket-list moments ticked off, which I’m grateful for – hoping for more as the year goes on. Other than that, I’ve been working on new music, roaming around the city and sleeping.

What can we all look forward to hearing from Xam Volo in the near future, have you found much time to get to the studio between tour dates?

There's loads of new music definitely coming out – even more which I’ve got stashed away – may start working with other artists too; could be interesting.  ‘A Damn Fine Spectacle’ EP out on the 13th.

Liverpool is a great city, but it can be challenging for musicians, what has kept your feet firmly planted in the North West so far?

Liverpool gave me the confidence to go for any of it in the first place. Had I not come here, I probably wouldn’t have met the people which have become so important to the journey so far. I reckon Liverpool’s about to do something interesting on a national scale soon and I want to be a part of that. Also everything’s a walking distance, which is helpful.

What other talents do you have...we hear you’re a dab hand at graphic design?

I started graphic designing before music. I still like drawing occasionally too, though majority of my time is spent in the studio – even if I’m just sitting there. I really need new hobbies though – music used to be my hobby but now I don’t have much else constructive to do on my downtime.

Finally, what’s one thing you’re listening to at the moment that nobody else is on to?

I'd say Oddisee - he’s been around for ages but his new project ‘The Iceberg’ needs to be heard by everyone.  Saw him live when my band and I did the ÜBERJAZZ festival in Hamburg; best performance I’ve seen to date.  There’s a guy called Olivier St. Louis in his band – he’s got some stuff out which slaps, too.  Takes a lot for me to use the word ‘slap’ but it felt necessary tonight.