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One of the featured performances in this evening of creations, written and to be performed by Rebecca Phythian, focuses on the use of the contraceptive pill among women and how it can affect the female body. The piece was a subsequent notion to Rebecca’s own experience. She wondered why she and other women were, and are, so reluctant to ask questions or speak openly about negative effects the use of the pill can, in some cases, have on their bodies.

The contraceptive pill is one of the more controversial prescription medicines. Its role as an effective ‘birth control’ measure has elevated it to a status shared by only a select number of drugs. The contraceptive pill has had a major effect on society, not just in a physical manner, but in both a social and attitudinal sense, since its release in 1961. The piece discusses the history of the contraceptive pill, its recognised side effects and the subsequent results of these effects on women’s health. The piece is a small snippet of an active piece of political theatre called ‘Pill’, a one act play written by Rebecca and focusing on the pill as a method of contraception and how it can impact mental health and wellbeing. This is a subject matter yet to be spoken about at length within a piece of theatre and Rebecca’s aim with this performance is to provoke thoughts and emotions, raise awareness to prompt debate and or inform action.

Women should have complete ownership of their bodies and what they put into them. If something goes wrong when doing so, then shouldn’t women have the ability and power to step forward? Can a piece of political theatre that is objectively commenting on this societal topic prompt its audience into action?

“Depression and anxiety from hormonal contraceptives may not be the experience of every woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the experience of your friend, your daughter or your partner, and of many women out there, who, in reading about this could have their lives changed for the better.” – Holly Grigg-Spall

We hope that you join the artists of Unearthed. in a sharing of their creations and discussions of issues faced by the modern female.