Heavy Metal Dub

Album : Scientific Dub

Track : The Drum Song

One of the most recognisable tracks ever produced by Scientist on one of his most famous releases. This oozes dub trails all over the stereo field.

Scientific Dub

Album : Dub 911

Track : 911

This is Scientist at his very best as a studio engineer. All the elements sit perfectly for the listener to take hold of any aspect of this song.

911 Dub

Album : World At War

Track : Invasion Of Iraq

More political opinions from The Dub Master. It’s the bass and piano stabs that make this so special.

World At War

Album : Scientist Meets The Crazy Mad Professor

Track : Dub of Madness

Scientist with Mad Professor, what more can you ask for. Dub of Madness is the epitome of what is possible with a reverb and a delay.

Crazy Mad Professor