Dhafer Youssef

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler

Track : Ghareeba

Kamilya Jubran is a Palestinian singer and songwriter. Werner Hasler is a film composer. Together they have created something incredibly obscure and unique. Traditonal Arabic and Sufi meets industrial and electronic.

Kaliya Jubran

Mercan Dade

Track : Dreams Of Shams

More sufi stylings brought to life with an electronic palette. Mercan Dede is well respected amongst the traditional sufi’s and the world of electronica. This is from his first album in 1997, breaking through around the same time as Shadow and Krush.

Mercan Dede

Yuval Ron

Avinu Malkeinu / Allah Hou

Something a little more traditional here. Yuval Ron is an Israeli musician and peace activist. His music is based around peace and interfaith which you certainly hear in the instrumentation.

Yuval Ron

Kudsi Ergüner

Track : Zikr

Kudsi Ergüner is one of the greatest Ney Flute players in the world. This 14 minute meditative composition is some of the finest sufi music around.

Kudsi Erguner