Leon Vynehall Nothing Is Still

Brian Eno

Album : Reflections

This track is the full album so sit back, relax, and fall in the warmth of Brian Eno’s loving embrace.

Brian Eno Reflections


Album : The Word As Power

This is one of the most meditative albums you could ever listen to, Lustmord is Brian Williams who creates wonderful non music or Dark Ambient to give it the correct genre. Delving into what sounds like satanic chanting and drowning this will either make you smile or cry.

Favourite track on the album: Babel

Lustmord The Word As Power

Max Richter

Album : Sleep

Genuinely one of the most beautiful pieces of music to have been recorded. It’s 8 hours and 24 minutes long perfect for the listener to climb into bed and drift into the netherworld accompanied by the hallucinatory sounds. Whenever the album has been performed the audience are given beds instead of chairs.

Favourite track on the album: Constellation 2

Max Richter Sleep

Hans Zimmer

Album : Interstellar Sound Track

Hans Zimmer must be one the of the greatest soundtrack composer of all time constantly creating new wonder for the ear and soul. Interstellar Soundtrack truly does take you on a journey with every emotion gently caressed and tugged at along the way.

Favourite track on the album: Stay

Hans Zimmer Interstellar