Reclaim The Night

In the UK, there are around 47,000 rapes every year, 40,000 attempted rapes and over 300,000 sexual assaults. Yet the conviction rate is only 5.3%, the lowest it’s ever been and one of the lowest in Europe. A survey by the young women’s magazine More found that 95% of women don’t feel safe on the streets at night, 65% don’t during the day, 73% worry about being raped and almost half say they sometimes don’t want to go out because they fear for their own safety. However, Reclaim the Night allows us to demonstrate that when we come together, women are powerful. We will not live in fear of male violence and we are willing to take to the streets to make sure they know this. We demand the right to exist and thrive without fear.

Exhibitchin’ is a club night dedicated to celebrating women artists in order to raise money for RASA, Merseyside’s only Rape and Sexual Abuse centre, who support anyone who has been affected by sexual violence at any time in their lives, at any age and or any gender.  

Exhibitchin’ is also dedicated to creating a space that aims to protect its attendees from sexual harassment that is often all too present in clubs, and create an atmosphere of inclusivity, safety and fun. One of the creators, Alice Churm, said “I think my favourite thing about Exhibitchin' is the community we have created setting it up. It feels like a really fun space where people of marginalized genders can come and have fun and feel like it is a genuinely safe space. I feel like the nature of the event creates an environment where we all respect each other."

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The money Exhibitchin’ raises for RASA is absolutely essential, as the government continues to make damaging cuts to women’s services. Every day, around 90 women are turned away from a refuge, and 60% of referrals to refuges in 2016/17 were declined. On average, two women a week are killed by their partner or ex-partner in England and Wales. Refuges are a lifeline for thousands of women. Ignoring this can be fatal. Since the Conservative government came into power, women’s refuges have seen their budgets slashed by nearly a quarter over the last seven years, and 34 have closed. Specialist domestic violence services, such as those for black and ethnic minority women, LGBTQ+ people and women with disabilities, have taken the brunt of the cuts. 

One of the creators of Exhibitchin’, Lucy Pilling, said she was inspired to create the event after “seeing important fundraisers and information about other charities but no one was ever talking about rape crisis centres”, pointing out that “a donkey charity in London gets more charity money than all the rape crisis centres in the UK!”. 

Her and her co-creators wanted to “create a fun positive event” because “people shy away from the conversation because rape is such a horrible topic. I also think people see survivors as people whose lives have been ruined and we don’t actually have fun. So by putting on a massive party where we can all have an amazing time, celebrate women, survivors and feel empowered, I hope that we have done that!”.

To buy tickets for this event please visit the events page: Exhibitchin' // Reclaim The Night Afterparty tickets from Skiddle.

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On the 20th April, Reclaim the Night and Exhibitchin’ are joining together, with Exhibitchin’ hosting the Reclaim the Night after party at Constellations! You can look into how to get involved with Liverpool’s upcoming Reclaim the Night event here and buy tickets to Exhibitchin here!