"Persistence, exploration, experimentation, refinement of the learning process, and an individuality of interpretation are just some of the qualities which drive musicians and photographers to improve their art."- Jane Trotter-

Both musicians and photographers creatively see the world and use their art to express their individuality, one click and beat at a time. What a perfect inspiration combination!!

Ahead of the VIP launch of Shout About it Festival this evening, we spoke to the incredible organisational mind leading the festival, Georgia Flynn, about her motivations behind the event.

“A few years back, I decided that I wanted to try and bring photographers together. Do my bit to make a splash in The Pool and see if I could make people come together and share their work, appreciate each other, learn from each other and just Shout About what they do. From that idea, I started an Instagram profile: ‘Shout About It’, where I would post gig photography from different people. People started to get interested and this is when I knew I wanted to make something of it. I did my research, had a look at what was out there already, thought about the difference I wanted to make and started to build what is now; Shout About It Productions Community Interest Company.

Last year, I put on the very first Shout About It Live, which is a hybrid festival that exhibits gig photography alongside a full line-up of live music. The festival was held in the iconic venue, ‘District’, in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. The reaction from creatives was incredible. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see bands and photographers coming together, really appreciating each other's work. Every gig photographer needs live music and every band or artist needs photographs. Just think about a world where we have no photographs of the likes of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix playing live.

Since the event, the Shout About It community has grown. We now do acoustic sessions and interviews with artists. We put on an event for young people at The Hive where bands and photographers came together to mentor young people and inspire them to get into playing music or becoming a photographer. The event was a great success and we have one of the bands, ‘NVMD’, from the youth club playing at our festival this year. We also held our very first ‘Pop Up’ version of the festival in Canada. For the past 2 years, I’ve had photographers and musicians asking me when they can have an event like Shout About It in their country. I’ve made it my mission to bring events like this to as many as people.

This year, Shout About It Live is being held in one of my favourite venues, Constellations. I’ve been to so many events in there and I can’t wait to use the space to bring our unique event to life for a second year. The line-up is full of incredible talent this year with Rews, Himalayas and local band Idle Frets topping the bill on the Saturday and Tom Speight, M.A.N.E and Nick Ellis on the Sunday. This year we have doubled everything. The size of the venue, the amount of photographers, the line-up and we’ve even added an extra day. Our launch party takes place on Friday 17th August with locals Scarlet and Shamona topping the bill alongside a preview of this years exhibition.


Tickets are available for the main festival taking place across Saturday and Sunday. Here’s our office top pics of featured photographers and artists you can see this weekend

3 photographers images linked to shout about it website

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Meet The Bands

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Keep your eyes peeled for our autumn season of free to attend live music shows every thursday from Sept. And if you really love live music the Constellations Golden Ticket Pledge in our crowdfunder campaign gains you access to shows for you and friend for A WHOLE YEAR at Constellations and will help us fund the development of a new live music offer at our new venue HINTERLANDS.