"It all started with a tweet...

I love what social media has done for bands - it provides artists with direct contact to the people who listen to their music. An instant connection, through which to share music, gigs, ideas and so much more.

It was 2011, I joined Twitter and wondered how tweeting would be different from Facebook or Myspace (rest in peace Tom). I began by Tweeting some favourite songs, festival news and whatever else I fancied. Then one morning it all changed...

I was up early and about to make a coffee, I’m not sure why but I tweeted:

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From there, it all went a bit crazy. I received dozens of responses and it snowballed into a regular thing...

Each morning, someone would tweet me with a coffee order; 

“Yes please, I’m running late. Need an espresso...”

“Do you deliver to Preston? Latte with two shots please...”

Then someone asked “Is Burgess’ Coffee Shop open today?”

We never intended it to become an event, or for it to have a name, but if there was to be a name for this imaginary coffee shop, it was for us to think up. I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks - where coffee plays an important part in the show. So, yeah, Tim Peaks. Done

Ian, a designer from The Isle of Wight, saw a tweet announcing the name and sent us a logo. The next week we made some mugs with the logo on, putting them online for charity. 400 went in half an hour. So we made more….and more.

It was metaphysical and metaphorical...but it was a thing. We had an imaginary jukebox and daily specials.

Then, the good folks at Kendal Calling asked if we wanted to make it real and gave us a beautiful log cabin at their festival and the magic became even more magical!

Our friends in Liverpool heard about it and Tim Peaks has now been a part of Sound City for the past 5 years..."

Tim Peaks Diner

If a pop-up coffee shop, ran by Tim Burgess and featuring a whole roster of our favourite artists isn't enough, we were immensely pleased to learn that Tim Peaks Diner is also a force for charity:

"David Lynch has been a hero of mine for many years. I had worked for his foundation in the years prior to Tim Peaks, so there was only one place I wanted the money to go. Plus, we had 'borrowed' the name from him, so it was written in the stars!

The David Lynch Foundation do amazing work with meditation - teaching young offenders, people with PTSD and kids who got a bad start in life. It can really transform their lives. We're really proud that we are able to help."

Tim Burgess Peaks

With each Tim Peaks Diner event, Burgess invites a treasure trove of musical and visual artists into his world for intimate, one-of-a-kind performances that are seldom found elsewhere. With so many acts on offer across two days in the Constellations Garden, Tim explained to us who we should be looking out for:

"Sound City has undergone a couple of changes in 2018, so me and the Tim Peaks gang went over to Liverpool at the beginning of the year. We looked at a few potential venues, but as soon as we saw Constellations the search was over. 

From there, it was all about finding a line-up. We wanted to find some new bands from Liverpool, rather than shipping everyone in from outside. 

The Coral have played a secret set for us before at Tim Peaks Diner and The Sundowners played pretty much every festival for us last year...their 'Skeleton Key' set-up encapsulates the Tim Peaks vibe in so many ways - my mate calls them, The Scouse Royal Family. The band's lead guitarist, Alfie has also joined our gang, gathering some names together and working with us this last 6 months. 

Acts like The Fernweh and Marvin Powell are going to play. Being introduced to new bands is a real big element of Tim Peaks. Not just for the audience, for me too. 

This year, I'm most excited about Richard Youngs and Average Sex - we just put Richard's album out on my label, O Genesis, and it's been a revelation. That being said...all the performers are well worth watching!"

With festival appearances booked in across the UK this summer, Tim Peaks Diner is undoubtedly going to come back with a bang! It was fantastic to hear that Burgess' appetite for hosting doesn't stop there in 2018...with a ten day festival planned in Northwich, the de-facto hometown of The Charlatans!

"It started off being called CW Nine, the postcode where it is taking place. Then a couple of days ago we realised North By Northwich was a much better name so we just started calling it that instead - Hitchcock meets hip US music festival. NxNw. 

Tickets for The Charlatans shows sold out in 15-minutes but there's so much more going on across the ten days; a record fair in a 1930's cinema, Paddy Considine showing his new film with a Q&A session planned, two secret sets by two of our favourite new bands. We also phoned all our friends; BMX Bandits are playing and loads of upcoming new bands. 

Even the Seafarer Chippy are involved - the town has really embraced it. We called the Sound City fam too and Sound City Satellite is taking place in Northwich on Friday 18th May. It's going to be 10 days of ace events!"

Between festival planning and preparations for his Tim Peaks Diner, it's great to hear that Tim also has new (old) music on the way! An album he recorded some years ago is about to surface...

"'As I Was Now' is going to emerge, blinking and wiping its eyes after 10 years in a vault. To be honest, I thought it was already out! I kind of knew it wasn't but my brain just presumes that a few months after recording songs, they fly off into the world. Record Store Day asked if I had a release planned, and it dawned on me that nobody had heard it. 

Only the band who recorded it, knew of its existence!

Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine, Josh from The Horrors, Duffy from Primal Scream and Duffy all played on it. Pretty much a supergroup I'd say!

It was good to hear the songs again - like meeting an old friend..."

Liverpool Sound City runs from Saturday 5th May - Sunday 6th May across the Baltic Triangle. 

Catch Tim Burgess at Tim Peaks Diner in the Constellations Garden.

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