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Since opening four years ago, the Baltic Triangle has undergone an incredible transformation. Our neighbours now include; coffee shops, multiple art and music studios, hundreds of digital and technology businesses, restaurants and a growing residential population. As the tides have changed, so too have the challenges faced by each business in the Triangle.

A constantly evolving story, change in the Baltic Triangle has brought an economic, cultural and social revolution to those living, working and playing in the area. As a result of this continued development, Constellations will be leaving its current Greenland Street site at the end of 2019 - when the site is redeveloped into a housing, retail and leisure complex.

Naturally, there has been an emotional response from the team surrounding this news, accompanied by heavy doses of nostalgia. However, we are not despondent and accept that change is part of not only life, but also culture and business. It was for this reason, in-part, that we decided to open a second venue. We dubbed it, "Hinterlands"...The Space Beyond...

As Liverpool steps into the future, celebrating 10-years as a European Capital City of Culture, demand for the city’s cultural, business, music and leisure sectors has skyrocketed. Appetite for event spaces is on an unprecedented trajectory and Hinterlands is our response to the ever growing requirement for bigger blank-canvases in which to host creative, cultural and business events in Liverpool.

Since its soft launch in March of this year, Hinterlands has welcomed tech conferences, food & drink events, weddings, concerts, arts and culture exhibitions and much more.

What we are most excited about at this stage are our long-term goals. Hinterlands is now not only our present but our future. The venue is already garnering local, national and international attention, and we have some incredible events lined-up for 2018 and 2019 already...this is where YOU come in!

Constellations Closure Kickstarter Hinterlands
Hinterlands Front Entrance - Independent Liverpool's Cheese Festival

As a team, we have sunk our heart and soul into Hinterlands. Not one member of staff has sat back, with each of us contributing to the scrupulous process of breathing life into this once abandoned car park we now call our second home. From painting, to building, to wiring, to cleaning, to managing this mammoth 10,500 square foot space, everybody who is part of our community has played a vital role. We are now launching our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, in the hope of raising £60,000 to help push us over the finish line.

Just like Constellations, Hinterlands is housed inside a once disused, derelict building. As part of this, the thick, old fashioned walls that once housed the Brewery car park are completely unforgiving of the outside weather conditions. As we have found, the summer months inside Hinterlands are as Harry Enfield once put it, “Scorchio!” Equally, the winter months are responsive to the plummeting temperatures we experience here on the North West coast. In order to house events all year round, Hinterlands must be fitted out with a comprehensive, building-wide air conditioning and heating system. For this, we have been quoted a minimum of £25,000.

Blank Canvas Event Space Liverpool
Hinterlands: Before and After. Phase 1 of our building works are complete, we're now crowdfunding to finish the project.

For those that are lucky enough to have already visited the Hinterlands site, you will understand that it is one of the North West’s largest independent event spaces. Able to house up to 1400 guests, Hinterlands is immense in size. However, this cavernous space is demanding of any sound system or PA placed inside it. What we also require, to turn the venue into an acoustically immersive oasis, capable of breathtaking concerts and gigs, is full-venue acoustic treatment and sound system.

With your support, these finishing touches will enhance the Hinterlands venue, pushing onto the national and international stage.

As a company, we currently employ 28 members of staff and have paid out over £1 million in wages over the past four years. We’ve hosted hundreds of events, bringing countless thousands of visitors into Liverpool. With the support of our crowdfunding benefactors we can not only continue this story, but thrive in an era where events and experiences are central to our daily lives.

Please support in whatever way you can - we have dozens of incredible rewards lined-up that we can’t wait to share with you all.

The Constellations and Hinterlands family.

Festival Venue Liverpool
Cheese Festival at Hinterlands. Who wants to see this space transformed into a Bavarian bierhalle?