What stuff outside of Liverpool have you produced?

Liverpool has been integral to my creative process, I did my degree here a few years ago and after having run around the world for a few more years I decided to come back here to really pay attention to my art. The city lends itself so brilliantly to my work, the industrial landscape, abandoned warehouses and blank walls are all things that pulled me back here. Before Liverpool, I was experimenting with my process and I really feel as if I found a direction while being here. I’m very grateful to Liverpool!

Anything else beyond the style of street art that you’ve done? We've noticed that you wrote the signage for Dockleaf Bar in the Cains Brewery Village...

I have been interested in typography for a long time. There’s something I find extremely satisfying with producing typefaces, especially when I get to do it on a large scale. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some great clients already; including Dock Leaf, ‘Higsons Tap & Still’  and ‘Little Furnace’. It is something that is different from my artwork, yet both practices feed very nicely into each other, the ideas of composition, size and impact are integral in both my artwork and my sign painting.

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How do you decide what design or style to bring to different walls or locations?

When I’m painting my artwork, the location almost always influences the final design. I look for ways to enhance what’s already there within the texture or the architecture, this is what’s so interesting about painting on walls. If I think of Northern Lights as an example, the shape of that building is already interesting so I can highlight that in my work and add to it.

Who's one local artist that you recommend people check out?

Max Mallender. He’s a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans from painting huge abstract walls to creating situation-specific installations. Mess and physical movement seem to be something he is interested in when it comes to painting, which is very different to my process, and a reason I find his work interesting...it allows for good conversation anyway! Yet when it comes to his installations, he tends to create order amongst chaos and is interested, like me,  in highlighting situations and altering their context. It’s this ability to weave between styles that attracts me to his work. Check out his Instagram… @max.mallender

You said that you had be been travelling for quite a while...did this have any effect on your art or the type of thing you were wanting to produce?

I’d definitely say that travelling had a huge impact on my artwork. I left England for 4 years, and spent time in Cambodia, Australia and Madagascar. Each of which showed me the variety and possibility of what is occurring art wise throughout the world. In Melbourne, Australia I worked in a graffiti paint shop where I was always around artists producing a variation of works with different techniques. The street art and graffiti scene out there is celebrated and wherever you go, you are bound to come across a huge mural or some 6ft sketchy throw-ups, it's brilliant. It was here that I realised how amazing it would be to develop a career out of something I was already doing anyway. As for Madagascar, this is a pretty lawless and open-minded country where I realised you can literally do anything you want to do in life. It allowed me to experiment with life and therefore my artwork, while also giving me time to think a lot about the  next chapter in my life and how I really wanted to spend it. I was living a nomadic lifestyle in a hammock, catching fish to eat and meeting incredible people, all of this filled me with the possibility that I could live doing exactly what I wanted.

Are there any future projects you’d like to let us know about? What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I have a few projects in the pipeline and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2018 brings. A  major event that’s coming up soon is my solo exhibition at the Zap Graffiti shop. Zap is a hugely positive force for  Liverpool’s graffiti and street art culture. They help the city with walls to paint and offer good equipment while being run by an incredibly friendly and proactive dude, Kieran, who is always down for helping everyone. It has made the Liverpool scene a place full of potential. You can find them on Instagram here @zapgraffitiliverpool and in real life you can find them at 9 Oldham place, L1 2SU, Liverpool!

The show is on the 3rd of  March, it starts at 5pm running until 8pm, there’ll be beers, music and everyone’s welcome!

​​Jason's design work can be found around Constellations...with his work featuring at the Ping Pong House Party event series, in addition to down the side of Newhall Street outside the Ley Lines Studios.

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