Fly Lo Aunties Lock

Nuyorican Soul & George Benson

You Can Do It (Baby)

Kicking the track off with the most wonderful Nuyorican guitar which melts into the jazz styled house where you hear George Benson bless us with his silky vocals. Such a pleasure to take this one into your soul. You can see the album cover on the side of our building down Newhall Street.

Nu Yorican Soul

DJ Shadow

Midnight In A perfect World

DJ Shadow created an instant classic with this, the epitome of Trip Hop with ambience thrown all over it. This is video with the classic album cover in it, you could call it the title track for that reason.

Dj Shadow Midnight Full

Rufus Harley

Bagpipe Blues

It’s jazz blues with bagpipes. It's insanely good. Trust us!

Rufus Harley Bagpipe Blues

Rejoicer (feat MNDSGN)

T Shirts

Deep chill beats with basslines you could drown in. This has the right amount of beats, bass, synth, wiggles and pops for Sunday chill and a fat roast.

Rejoicer  Mndsgn

Catch us on Sunday 30th September for our first 'official' Roasts & Records!