A cornucopia of different sounds, rhythms and styles, jazz music can be heard in many forms across the city: “For this residency, we’re basically going to be playing groove-based jazz tunes. We’re all really into the likes of Haitus Kaiyote and The Cinematic Orchestra. I’m also really influenced by more prog-based works like John Hopkins but you may only hear that later on in the residency, once we’ve been jamming a bit! I may even play some synth in the near future…

…My electronic music production and jazz work are very much one of the same thing. Being a multi-instrumentalist without financial support, I’ve found it quite hard to execute a lot of the ideas I have, musically. I’ve been playing piano for 6 or 7 years now and I’ve only just got myself a piano. Similarly, I’ve been playing drums for 12 years but only in the past year have I got a drum kit. But, with limitation comes creativity and learning, I think electronic music production allows me to push through these limitations.”

With jazz music currently undergoing a massive renaissance across the UK, Sam’s marriage of electronic and live instrumentalism exemplify the grounds upon which this burgeoning scene has been built. Tragically viewed as an archaic genre of music by many, the rebirth of British jazz has been largely built upon the foundations of electronic and urban music. Community engagement is the key behind this renewed proliferation of the genre. Working to cement this ethos, Sam’s involvement with the ‘Our Neck of the Woods’ drumming group has taken musical education to the streets. Often found around Liverpool One and other parts of town, the project encourages children to become involved in music as a form of self-expression.

You can catch the first of Sam and his band’s performances on Thursday 5th October at Constellations, where they will performing monthly throughout the autumn and winter. If you are unable to attend, you can catch the performance, in its entirety, live on Melodic Distraction Radio and after-the-fact on Mixcloud.

For a flavour of what’s to come, be sure to check out the various band members most recent productions below…

Sam Jones (Tap-In) | Tony Pearce | Max O’Hara

Constellations | Melodic Distraction