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Summer BBQ

The everyday menu will be available over summer from Wednesday - Sunday

35 - 39 Greenland St
Liverpool  L1 0BS
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Summer BBQ Menu

Create your own: £7

- Choose one base:

Brioche bun, bao bun, flour bun, floured tortilla wrap and/or naked

- Choose one protein:

Lakes speciality beef burger, BBQ pulled pork shoulder, smoked beef brisket, pulled jack fruit and spiced cauliflower burger

- Choose your toppings:

Monterey jack cheese, house slaw, Asian slaw, iceberg lettuce, crispy onions, pickles, tomato, crispy bacon (+50p)

- Choose your sauces:

BBQ, garlic mayo, Frenchies mustard, tommy k, siracha mayo, hot sauce, ssamjang and burger sauce.

Sides: £4

Skin on french fries, sweet potato fries, charred spring onions, tamarind Bombay potato salad, crazy corn.

Make it a meal deal £8

For all advanced group and corporate bookings, please see the menu below for pre-paid packages.

Click here for futher booking information.
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