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Brunch Club

10:00 - 16:00 (Every Weekend)

35 - 39 Greenland St
Liverpool  L1 0BS
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10 Brunch Club


English    £9.00
Bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg, mushroom, hash brown, proper baked beans, oxford sauce & home-made tommy k

Half English    £6.00
Same as above, just half as much

Veggie    £7.50
Halloumi, eggs, grilled vine tomatoes, hash brown, field mushrooms, garlic spinach & pine nut grits & proper baked beans

Vegan    £7.50
Avocado salsa, chilli, radish, grilled vine tomatoes, field mushrooms, garlic spinach & pine nut grits, hash brown & proper baked beans

All breakfasts are served with toast

On Toast

Butter    £2.00

Bacon    £4.00

Cumbrian rare breed, smoked bacon Sausage    £4.00

Avocado  with chipotle, shallot & creme fraiche    £3.00

Sausage & bacon    £4.00


Benedict    £6.70

Buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon & hollandaise

Hemingway    £6.70
English muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs & hollandaise

Florentine    £6.70
English muffin, spinach, pine nuts, hollandaise & nutmeg

Scrambled    £4.50
Scrambled eggs, creme fraiche & English muffin

All eggs can be done as vegan dishes


Bacon maple    £6.50

Blueberry honey    £5.00


Nova lox salmon & pickled cucumber    £6.00

Bacon jam    £3.50