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The Psychology of Raving

Funzing Talks

35 - 39 Greenland St
Liverpool  L1 0BS
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Tickets & Info:
Venue: Constellations
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

Funzing Talks are coming to Liverpool. After capturing the imagination of audiences in London, Manchester & Bristol, our talks series is here to re-invent your evenings, with an array of unique subjects, from inspiring individuals & speakers.

The body and the soul are traditionally perceived as separate entities within Western culture. However, Beate Peter will argue that dance has the potential to unite them. Drawing on Carl Gustav Jung, who distinguishes between personal unconscious and collective unconscious, she will argue that dance allows us to access our collective unconscious and consequently, a more fully discovered self.

Accessing the unconscious through dance is commonly practised within tribal societies, particularly in shamanic dances, in which a demon is thought to speak through an individual who is being possessed. In such a case, the dancer could be seen as expressing an internal voice, for example their own self and soul, rather than an external demonic force. Dance provides an opportunity to discover our self more completely, embracing the unconscious part of our identities through the physicality of our bodies.

Peter’s research in electronic dance music argues the same. Electronic music facilitates this kind of dance-discovery. Its musical features allow the release of emotions within a community of dancers, where the body becomes the soul, and the individual becomes the collective.

*Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes.


Funzing Talks are here to re-invent your evenings, creating an exciting alternative to having a drink in your local pub or bar. Funzing Talks pull together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings and expand your mind.

Held in a carefully selected range of intimate spaces, Funzing Talks is the ultimate boredom-buster.

Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives with like-minded, equally curious people. It's time to try something different - you never know where it may take you.

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