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35 - 39 Greenland St
Liverpool  L1 0BS
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Humanise invites people of all genders, race, age, status, belief and background to come together as one; a unique take on canteen dining, strangers can enjoy each others company over good, whole, hearty food.

We are truly focusing on collaboration and community with Humanise. Alongside every one of you that are invited, we will be inviting a long list of local charity, non-for-profit, voluntary, and community organisations to also join us. Spending an evening with old and new friends alike, we hope to develop our understandings of the people around us.

Working on a non-for-profit bases, the cost of entry and the food will be what you can afford to donate.

To help us get an understanding of how many of you will join us. We actively encourage you to book your free tickets at the top of this page.

In Liverpool we are blessed, as a community, with the facilities and space that encourages and facilitates people to flourish and live well together. Liverpool is at the forefront of national culture and diversity, so naturally it is the ideal setting for such a gathering and appreciation.

Come and join us on Wednesday 13th June from 6pm.

We will be holding a second eating time from 9.41pm for our Muslim friends observing Ramadan. Please join us in celebrating the days Iftar!

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