Elsie Magazine LIVE

Wednesday 24 May
You are invited to an eclectic and entertaining evening where you can gain an insight into the the world of independent magazine publishing. Talks on creativity, design, photography and random stuff by Les Jones, the creator of Elsie Magazine. (The event is free for students)

Creator Les Jones is a designer, photographer and speaker. He has worked in the creative industry for over 30 years as a photographer and also at the helm of his own design and marketing agencies. In 2011 Les launched his one-man creative magazine - Elsie, which was voted one of the top ten new magazines in the world by the prestigious New York Library Journal.

Join Elsie Magazine creator, Les Jones for an eclectic and highly visual evening of creative randomness. Les will be talking about the launch of the magazine and providing a host of hints and tips on how to get your own creative idea to market.